Custom Made Leather Jackets

Custom Leather Jackets - Made to Measure

Why Custom is Better

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Why Our Jackets are Different

We employ only traditional leather working tools. The only machines are sewing machines.

Each jacket is completely crafted by hand by a Master Craftsmen with years of experience.

Our leather is hand selected, tanned and cut, ensuring premium top grain construction.

If you don't love your jacket, we'll take it back. 

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"Just today, another complete stranger complimented me on my jacket. That's the third time this week... and it feels awesome, to be honest."

- Jared Hutchinson, Austin TX

"I've secretly wished for a leather jacket for years, but due to my small frame, nothing ever fit quite right. When I put on my jacket today, I didn't even have to look in the mirror. It fit liked a $3,000 suit."

Daniel Leibowitz, NYC

"At $600 for a custom leather jacket I was half expecting the fit to be ok, but the material to be thin or corrected grain or some other shortcut. I was pleasantly surprised (and shocked?) to see that wasn't the case. I tore the jacket inside and out thinking there had to be some gotcha. Alas, there was none. Hats off fellas, I'll be buying again!!"

Leonard Lee, Portland OR

"The first jacket I received had sleeves about 2 inches too long. I'm pretty sure if this was due to me not knowing how to measure properly. How Travis personally took care of the issue impressed me and I appreciated that he just wanted to get me the right fit and not worry about who was at fault. Now I have a perfectly fitted jacket and you guys have a customer for life."

Andre M, Toronto