How to Measure Yourself for a Custom Leather Jacket

Watch our quick 2 minute video to learn how to accurately measure yourself for a custom jacket. We also provide complimentary measuring tape through our website free of charge.


What You'll Need
Wear a fitted or athletic t-shirt or undershirt for a more realistic measurement. Measuring without a shirt may result in a jacket that is tighter than you want. We highly recommend a friend or significant other for getting the most accurate measurements, though it is still possible to measure yourself if done carefully.

Lastly, make sure you have a cloth measuring tape along with pen and paper to record your measurements. Do not take your measurements with a straight measuring tape, ruler or cell phone. It will result in an unusable jacket.

Measure completely around your neck at the widest point, closest to your collar. Do not squeeze or pull the tape too tight and leave enough room for two fingers to fit under the tape. This will ensure a snug but not uncomfortable collar. 

Shoulder Width
This is a measurement of the back of the jacket that drapes across your shoulders. Starting from your shoulder bone (where the natural seam of a shirt would begin), arc across from one side to the other shoulder, ensuring the top of the arc is at the bottom base of your neck (at the bottom of a shirt collar). 

Many off the shelf jackets have shoulders that are too large and create a sloppy appearance, due to the need to fit many body types. Ensuring an accurate shoulder measurement makes for a sharp and polished appearance.

Arms / Sleeve Length
Place your hand on your hip with your elbow bent out (imagine impatiently waiting for someone). Measure from the same shoulder bone as before to your wrist (or where you want your jacket to end). 

Warning: Do NOT measure to the palm or thumb joint, like you would a shirt or suit jacket. Ensuring your arm is bent, measure to the visible point of where you actually want your jacket to end on your wrist.

Keeping your arm in the same position, measure around the widest part of your bicep.

Chest Width
Measure around your chest at the widest point. Normally this is right under the arms across the nipples. Make sure the measure tape is level across the back, as it is common to have it droop if measuring yourself. We recommend a mirror to ensure it is level.

Stay relaxed and do not puff your chest out or flex, as it will create an unnatural fit in the final jacket.

Mid Torso
Starting from above the belly button, measure around your mid section back to the starting point. Similar to your chest measurement, ensure a steady and even horizontal line around your body.

As tempting as it might be, do not suck in your gut and keep a natural form to ensure a comfortable fit.

Waist Size
Wrap the measuring tape around where you usually wear a belt (do not actually wear a belt while doing this, however). 

Jacket Length
Measure from the base of your neck down to your waist or belt line. For bomber or winter jackets, measure to a little bit lower than your belt line, as this adds a bit of insulation for cold weather. For other jackets, we recommend measuring down to the middle of the belt line.