Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

At we want to provide you with a jacket that will last a lifetime.  We are an environmentally friendly company and don't want you to have a jacket that will last a season and then end up in the landfill by next year, that would suck.  We want you to have a multi generational jacket that you can even pass down to the next generation.

We guarantee the most important part of your jacket.

You probably guessed what the most important part of your leather jacket is, that's right, it's the leather.  The Top Grain leather used to create your jacket is the most important part of your jacket, not the zipper, not the elastic waistband but the highest quality leather available on the market is the most important and expensive part of your jacket, and that's what we guarantee.  If there's an issue with the leather in your jacket we will replace it free of charge.  The other minor aspects should last a long time but normal wear and tear may require you to eventually make minor fixes to them.  At we cover the most expensive aspect in our guarantee, the leather for your jacket, and kindly ask that you handle the wear and tear aspects.  If you need to claim your warranty, details are below:

Warranty Claim

Claiming your warranty involves 2 simple steps, email us your warranty number and order number to

At we take great pride in our craftsmanship and products.  If there is an issue with your coat we will fix it for free forever.

  • Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear changes to the appearance of the jacket.
  • It does not cover change in the color of leather or scratches, tears, wrinkles or other damages caused by the usual wear and tear, accident and improper care or cleaning.
  • will conduct an inspection of the product and if your leather coat is found to have developed a defect, it will be repaired without charging for parts or labour.
  • Warranty is valid for the original owner of the product. Warranty is not valid on resale, or transfer of ownership of jacket.
  • Developing a patina is a characteristic of leather, not a defect. Warranty is not valid for change of color of leather.
  • Even after the tanning process each animal hide is different no two jackets are alike. The product for this reason will be slightly different from the marketing images online or in print format. This does not come under warranty.
  • Without exception, the original, completed warranty card must accompany any claims or requests made under this warranty. This card must be produced by the owner, and further I.D. or other checks may be requested to confirm your identity as the original purchaser (to whom the warranty pertains). Should you lose your original warranty card, please notify the store immediately.