Our Story

 Travis and Grant

A Letter from the Founders,

In life, there are a few rules that you're supposed to follow. Belt should match the shoes. Water with your whisky. Never split tens in blackjack, unless you've been dealt suicide kings, the dealer's name is Laetitia and you're sitting in Monaco.

The result? A bespoke leather jacket cut and stitched from true top grain leather, by master leather artisans half a world away who continue to pass on the old world tradition. Each one, made to measure.

Our jackets aren't meant for the masses. We made a product for the other 20%. Rule breakers like us, who don't conform to a checkbox and never will.

By design, we can only produce a limited number of jackets. But we're proud of every single piece that passes from our hands to yours. With a lifetime warranty, we know you will be too.

Travis and Grant

Grant Travis