Our Story

 Travis and Grant

A Letter from Travis Kubota (left)
Co-Founder, LeatherJacket.com

Grant and I are your standard American guys. We're both born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and became friends while attending the University of Washington in the late 90s, back when baggy jeans were cool. Outside of work you'll find us with family, exploring new whiskies at the neighborhood bar and getting in a quick gym session that should probably be longer. And of course, we spend a little time trying to be fashionable in the urban streets of Seattle.

When we started LeatherJacket.com we didn’t start with a business plan, a tech packet, a manufacturing background or leather expertise. The reality is we started off as two short (did I say short, I mean "height challenged") Asian men that didn't have a typical body type, who were increasingly frustrated with the efforts it took to obtain clothing that fit - let alone look good. A bonafide, genuine leather jacket that fits off the rack was the ultimate unicorn that neither of us could ever find.

After searching high and low for a bespoke leather jacket maker, we realized a few things: there were only a handful of custom leather jacket tailors left in the US and a $2,000+ jacket is not affordable to the vast majority of the population.

Thus began our initiation into the world of leather working, as we asked ourselves if high end leather is no longer accessible, then where should we be looking?  After conversations with industry experts we came to understand that the soul of old world leather crafting was still alive, just clear on the opposite side of the world. 

To make a long story short, we ended up with a pair of perfectly fitted jackets. More importantly, we found a passion and appreciation for the men, women and communities that continue to pass along the intricate knowledge of leather from one generation to the next. From cutting, to curing, to tanning and finishing, each individual step is overseen by artisans who each possess the cumulative knowledge of those before them.

Thus we founded LeatherJacket.com where we offer custom leather jackets made in the old world tradition at a fair price. Not only are our jackets fashion forward and made for any and all sizes, but the proceeds go directly back to the communities that continue to uphold the leather working traditions that are slowly being replaced. As such, we proudly stand behind the quality of our products with our lifetime guarantee and guaranteed fit. 

In the future, we hope to work with designers in the US and all over the world to provide a platform enabling artists to showcase their work on our website.

Grant and I hope that you not only find your unicorn, but a new appreciation of the degree of craftsmanship that goes into each jacket from our company.

 Grant Travis