Return Policy

What is important to us is that you're happy with your jacket.

It should fit you perfectly and you should love the way that you look in it. In fact, we want it to be one of your favorite pieces of outerwear.

If you're looking at this page you're wondering what happens when things don't go perfectly. Like all educated shoppers, you know that things occasionally go wrong. As a business that specializes in custom fit jackets, it wouldn't be right if our jackets didn't fit. That's why we will make sure you're taken care of if anything goes wrong. 

Remaking Process

If your jacket doesn't fit properly, please email us at with your order information and specific information on what area doesn't fit, so that we may best assist with having the jacket remade. Pictures are extremely useful as well.

Please note that we provide 30 days for you to test out and wear the jacket so you can evaluate it. After this period, we will consider the sale final as the leather will have a fair amount of use at this point and may make modifications much more difficult depending on the wear.

Fit Guarantee

We want your jacket to fit you perfectly. If it doesn't, we will work together to make sure it does.  Our craftsmen are multi generational experts but if for some reason you provided a measurement and it was incorrectly made, we guarantee we will fix it.

Once you give us the measurement it's our responsibility to make the jacket correctly, however we're asking that you please provide us with reasonably close measurement numbers.  In the event the measurements supplied were incorrect, we may still be able to offer a complimentary fix. If the measurements are off by more than a few inches, we may request a re-work fee for the extra materials and labor involved. 

Please watch our instructional video for guidance on how to properly measure yourself.

Leather Quality Guarantee

Our jackets can hold up to normal everyday wear and tear. That's why we guarantee our leather with a limited lifetime warranty that covers standard and reasonable use.

Can I Exchange my Jacket for Another Color or Style?

Since each leather jacket is made specifically for you on demand, we are unable to take back jackets for resell. For this reason, we cannot offers exchanges. 

What if I Change my Mind After Ordering?

We understand that you may have a change of heart after ordering. We generally have a 7 day window from the time you've placed your order before the leather has been cut to size.

If your jacket has not been cut, then we are able to offer a full refund. If our craftsmen have already cut the leather or began production, we may be able to offer a partial refund based on how much we can salvage for other jackets. We will try to work with you the best we can to satisfy both parties.

Please email us at for assistance for any of the above issues.