The LJ Difference

At we're doing something unconventional. We're producing top tier leather jackets and selling at a mid-level price. By going directly to the end consumer, we're bypassing the traditional brick and mortar model of paying for expensive retail space, purchasing mass quantities of "top selling" sizes and squeezing margins.

Instead, we searched across the globe for premium leather craftsmen who could create custom leather jackets that rivaled high end names. This not only ensured we could produce bespoke made-to-order jackets, but we could deliver them without an typical retail markup.

Top Quality Leather

We started as a couple of guys on a personal quest to find the best custom fit leather jackets in the world.  It wasn't easy, but we found that we could go straight to the craftsmen who have been hand making leather jackets for generations.  These craftsmen have perfected the art of jacket creation and use the best leather, that quality of leather is the biggest difference at  

At and among experts it is widely believed that Top Grain leather is the best choice for jackets as it is considered the more refined version of Full Grain leather.  Top Grain as well as Full Grain leather is used in the top luxury goods such as jackets, hand bags, and wallets.  These two types of leather are considered the premium for leather goods and if you're looking for pure quality products, these two are the only way to go.

Full Grain leather is simply leather that has been taken from the hide of the animal and cured.  It is ideal for weapon holsters, belts, elegant furniture, and other items that require rugged tough use. It's thick, durable, beautiful and great for many goods.  However, Full Grain leather is not as supple and soft as Top Grain, is not as stain resistant, and does not have as consistent of a look.  These reasons make it not as ideal as Top Grain for jackets.

Top Grain leather actually begins as Full Grain and then we sand off just a little bit to remove all of the imperfections that naturally occur because we want your jacket to look flawless.  All Full Grain leather has scratches and imperfections that result from wear and tear from the animal's life, such as rubbing their backs against a fence or getting bitten by insects.  These blemishes are removed with Top Grain leather which is why we chose it for our jackets.

If you search the internet you'll find inexpensive leather jackets made from many different types of leather, all of which you should avoid if you want a jacket that will look great for a long time.  Faux leather (aka synthetic leather), bonded leather, and genuine leather are some terms you will hear that leather jackets are made from.  You'll want to avoid all of these as they won't last very long and will quickly look awful after you've worn them a few times.  Here's some information about these types of leather.

We Never Use Fake or Artificial Leathers

Faux leather is not real leather and is created from plastics such as PU (polyurethane), PVC or microfiber. Synthetic leathers age poorly, will eventually chip and flake off, do not develop a patina and break down under sunlight. Faux leather products often have the following characteristics:

  • Smooth, plastic like edges.  Real leather is rough around the edges
  • Pores that are consistent, real leather has inconsistent pores
  • Faux leather does not smell like leather.  The smell of real leather can not be replicated.  


Bonded leather is a man-made material created by shredding leather scraps and fiber, then mixing it with glue and other bonding materials.  Bonded leather is not really leather at all as it less than 20% leather scraps.  It is more synthetics and glue hardened into a substance made to look like leather.  Real leather gets better with age, getting softer and looking increasingly richer as time goes on.  Bonded leather tears easily, is not repairable, and ages poorly.  Most bonded products say “bonded” on the label and bonded leather jackets should be avoided.


Genuine leather sounds good but is an industry term that means it’s the lowest quality of all products made out of real leather.  Genuine leather products are made from several low-quality leathers bonded together with glue and then painted to look uniform.  It ages poorly and does not feel soft.  When you see the $150 leather jacket it is quite likely made from this low quality genuine leather. 

The difference is noticeable in many ways.  We bypass traditional middlemen and brick and mortar stores passing these savings directly to you.  We also employ the best craftsmen who are experts in making leather jackets.  However, the most important difference we provide is in our leather quality, providing Top Grain leather to create a jacket you can treasure for a lifetime.